Saturday, May 26, 2012

*Frankfurt Special* HAPPY NEW EARS: Dieter Schnebel (Oper Frankfurt, 03.04.2012)

Wow, when you get to Frankfurt, you want that metropolitan feel. The mood suits the quest for 'new music' in town. I went to Frankfurt last April, just in time to discover a new (to me) composer: Dieter Schnebel. One of major figure in Germany's new music scene was in the house, doing a lil' chit chat, and introduced the crowd to his two works: Bagatellen fuer Klavier and FLIPPER. Curious?

The composer talked a lot about the background of the music. Quite interesting: the creation of Flipper is very much connected to Berlin, as it was first premiered by Schnebel's own students in Akademie Der Kuenste Berlin in 2003.

Move to the content! Bagatellen is a special piece - single piano, sudden screaming (or as Schnebel called it, "singing") by the pianist himself - Herman Kretzschmar - and also a feast to the eye. By smashing off ping-pong balls and wood boxes off the piano (yes, that extreme), the performance is everything but boring. Okay, and a little weird too, just as other millions new music performance nowadays. Silly me.

Ensemble Modern is on charge after the break. The brought FLIPPER to life. And as the name suggested, the flipper (yes, that game box!) took center as the main instrument alongside other video/arcade games you normally find in casinos etc. Beside the use of many many many unusual stuffs as music instruments, the piece is also a piece to be performed with movements by the interperters/actors/singers. The movements are not kinda ballet, it's more like a representation of the flipper figures itself. Down up down up, hands up, hands down, spinning... and stuffs. Sometimes they moved very funny, the audience just laughed enjoying the absuridty of the 'mini-musical' drama.

Anyway, Happy New Ears!!! Thanks to new music for bringing me to a new edge all over again.