Thursday, August 23, 2012


The way I treated this blog during summer holiday... is plain bad. I got a job at a hospital as station co-workers and only got few days off, and now the routine's back. Anyway in this period of time I have seen:
1. Berlin production of Salzburg Festival's Don Giovanni
2. Anne-Sophie Mutter LIVE in Philharmonie!
3. XERXES, a production from Deutsche Oper Rhein-Main in Komische Oper - best baroque opera so far!
4. Wolfgang's Rihm Dionysos - Berlin production
5. Tan Dun conducting for the epilogue of Young Euro Classic + Crouching Tiger Concerto: LIVE!
6. CARMEN in Berlin Seefestspiele on Wannsee - full fire and passion!

Sounds very great right? IT IS. So be patient. I may take quite a long time to catch up and write my reviews, so... we'll see.