Saturday, November 24, 2012


Yes, I'm ashamed, because my writings on this blog goes very slow. Very very slow. Of course I already got my Christmas holiday ahead of me, but I don't know... A little update for "I was there" stuffs...
1. Monteverdi Trilogie at Komische Oper Berlin - went to watch the three operas separated, great stuffs, a little low on musicality, De Ridder tried to make the instrumentation quite interesting - but some just failed. Rating: 3.5/5
2. Cameron Carpenter - Orgel konzert, 24.09.2012, Philharmonie - WOW. This guy rocks. He has the potential to awaken the excitement of younger generations for orgel. Not to mention that he's a brother to Lady Gaga in fashion. A little edgy on the look, so it may take some time for him to be recognized by the 'classic' audience. Anyway, love his concert. Many wishes for a great career. Rating: 4.5/5
3. Barenboim-Zyklus I with Jonas Kaufmann, 30.09.2012, Philharmonie - Expected greatness with Schubert's "Die schoene Muellerin", however the crowd was a little low, probably because of the Berlin-Marathon atmosphere that ruled the whole city, and of course blocked our ways to Philharmonie. Douche marathon. JK. Rating: 4/5
4. L'Elisir D'Amore - MET Live in HD Streaming, 13.10.2012 - As the season opening of the MET, this production is a little bit low. Anna Netrebko is, as always, a bright factor and rocked this role she's mastered for years now. Polenzani and Kwiecien did a very good job, but my biggest praise goes to our Dulcamara, Ambrogio Maestri. His role goes deep into his blood and he went very comical about it.  Anyway, nice evening and a good experience for MET Live, because at first, I thought it's gonna be boring to watch an opera on the big screen. Rating: 4/5
5. Cecilia Bartoli - Mission, 29.10.2012, Philharmonie - I got a very bad seat for this concert. I could barely hear her voice. Damn. Anyway, in my opinion, she did a very good job delivering the 'new' music. An encore by Handel, "Lascia la spiga" is "that" moment. Love it. Rating: --
6. Anna Netrebko - Iolanta, 14.11.2012, Philahrmonie - Nailed it. I was there. Concert highlight of the year. Netrebko being Netrebko as usual. She fits the role SO WELL... we could've sold our lives for it. The rest of the cast are (ehem... unfortunately) quite ordinary... Skorokhodov, our Vaudemont, almost tripped once on stage. Oops... Don't blame him - blame the narrow stage and stairs on stage. Anyway, with all the flaws,  we all hail Netrebko!!! Rating: 4/5
7. WIEN SPECIAL: Can't believe I said this but I went to Wien, and catch a CLAUDIO ABBADO + Orchestra Mozart concert in Goldener Saal der Musikverein Wien!!!!!!! Plus to that, I went to watch ALCESTE, Wiener Staatsoper's first production of the opera after almost 60 years!!! All of these are huge blessings for me, not to mention the kind people on the box offices who gave me a very good prices due to cancelled tickets. Wherever you are now, nice lady and gentleman, thank you. Rating: HEAVEN.

Quite interesting, and I hope during the holiday, I can make a REAL reviews of them. If not, then...