Thursday, December 27, 2012

RIHM: Dionysos (Staatsoper im Schiller Theater, 10.07.2012)

Absurd, right? Weird, right? Creepy, eh? Kiddies, this is a lesson learned: never AND NEVER step your both feet on the wild, untamed, beyond your nightmare world of NEW MUSIC. and in this case, new music OPERA!

Anyway, I found the story line and philosophy idea of this piece very interesting. And the set, they are huge... this is quite a production. I must admire that, because usually the new music production are kinda like some 'meh' that's 'exalted' to a whole new meaning of interpretation, instead of coming with a confession: no one wants to put their money on this kind of art. 

Mojca Erdmann's doing good in the role dedicated to her (wow, such accomplishment for a young diva!) 
I myself definitely won't bite this biscuit the second time 'round, but YOU, new music fan, this is a must. A MUST. It's RIHM.

Rating: 7/10

JANACEK: Das Schlaue Fuchslein (Komische Oper Berlin,08.07.2012)

This is the end of the intendancy of the controversial (and quite lame, honestly) Andreas Homoki. (Personal hurrah from me, cuz his predecessor, Barrie Kosky, is fantastic!)

Placed on the last day of Komische Oper Festival and attended by some prominents of Berlin (including our Buergermeister Wowereit and his partner *wink*, who praised the production as 'komisch and represent the house' - BITCH, PLEASE!!!!)

It's either I was drunk or the production is just too complicated, it's failed to 'deliver the message'. I wasn't drunk, so... The changing human-animal head between scenes (even in scene, what's the point, man??), the spinning "rooms"/setting, and it's totally doesn't represent the 'fun & hip' spirit of the house. Too bad, from several of his productions they picked this one to close his duty in Berlin. Hhmmppphh...

Anyway, adieu Homoki and good luck in Zurich!

Rating: 5/10

Händel: XERXES (05.07.2012, Komische Oper Berlin)

EINFACH WUNDERBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the operas of this year. This joint production with Deutsche Oper am Rhein really elevates the house of our Komische Oper to a whole new level!

Simply barock. The very lively production, the barock costumes, bombs(!), classic-elegant stage and backgrounds, wonderful arias (too bad most of them are sung in German, except "Ombra Mai Fu" and several others, of course).

I really hope Komische Oper keep this one as their core repertoire. This opera simply rocks!

The singers are also good, but I can't really tell if their performance is really outstanding - the whole stage and effects got my whole attention. Maybe it's a minus for this production?
Even though this production was done in German, famous arias like 'Ombra mai fu' are sung in the original language.

Some 'orthodox' audience of the oper may find this production too 'sassy' or 'cheeky'. Understood. But for the young people, this is a very good production as a big entrance gate to the world of opera  My personal opinion: One thing you should keep away from a Baroque opera is 'boredom'.

If those pictures don't make droll, I don't know what will... Xerxes for Season 2013/2014!!!

Rating: 11/10 (yes, it's that goooood.....)