Thursday, June 20, 2013


I hereby announce the death of this blog. Life at college has been unbeliveably stressful as what I've ever imagined. It saddened me, that I must cut off quite most of my free time, going to concert & opera houses... and changed it with biochemistry books. is the blog that I recently discovered. Go, check it out, it's in German (definitely more reader-suited than my blog), the author of the blog really masters classical music (unlike me) and his writings are anything but boring. His blog is definitely the vision that I had when I started this blog.

So what's there for me? Some concerts and operas as season closing in Berlin. I'll go back to Salzburg in summer (around the end of August), because my very first experience with Salzburger Festspiele (unarranged 1-day-trip from Berlin to Salzburg to catch all 3 performances at Whitsun Sunday including Bellini's "Norma" with Cecilia Bartoli - and back) was way beyond good and a great personal milestone on my list of things-to-do. Wish me luck for that, 'cause I still have no tickets or reservations, and it's actually only a personal "sudden" trip-extension from my Europe-tournee. I'll start in Paris, then Zürich, bla bla, Venice and finally Rome. Then comes Salzburg. Twala... and having such a fantastic summer plan - people won't believe, that I'm having a stressful life.

Well, I'll update a little on this blog 'bout this & that in the future. See you around the corner. I mean that boring corner, where I'm holding a glass of wine or apfelschorle during a concert break, looking fatique, lonely, miserable, and all alone by myself. As usual.

BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM! And I'm gonna cut it here, before the summer-insanity-syndrome strucks me again.