Saturday, July 16, 2016

Update & News to summer festival season 2016

Hello, everyone. It's been quite a busy moth for me personally, but I'm very happy for my upcoming trip to Salzburg to see Strauss' Die Liebe der Danae and the festival's cult drama Jedermann, among other concerts in August. I didn't get any tickets for Bayreuth this year, but I'm fortunately still quite full from my last year's Ring experience. While the preparation in Salzburg is going smoothly (except Joyce DiDonato's withdraw from Il Templario), the Green Hill in Bayreuth seems to be on fire again this year. Following problems (or as Wagnerians see them, disasters) occured: 

1. The biggest shock of this year's festival was announced last week when Andris Nelsons withdrew from the Parsifal premiere series this year. According to rumors, Nelsons' departure is caused by Thielemann's intensive interfering of his probe. Hartmut Haenchen is the new conductor for Parsifal this year.
2. Due to illness, Thomas J. Mayer didn't have time to rehearse for the Ring, which made a role switch mandatory: John Lundgren will now sing both the role of Wotan in Die Walküre and Der Wanderer in Siegfried, while Mayer replaced him in the role of Holländer in Der fliegende Holländer.
3. Due to illness and Marek Janowski's personal wish, Jennifer Wilson will be replaced by Heidi Melton in  the role of Sieglinde.
4. The live-delayed transmission of the Parsifal's premiere on July 25 could be viewed in chosen cinemas in German-speaking countries and BR-Klassik. The following days see the first ever transmission of Castor's Der Ring des Nibelungen production in Sky Arts. Hope they would have official video release for both production as well.

Enjoy your summer, hopefully I'll have some time to write more.

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